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Off-Road Inventory: AWD & 4x4 Vehicles for Sale near Idaho Falls, ID

 available in Idaho Falls, ID at Stone's Toyota
OverviewAt Stone's Toyota near Idaho Falls, Idaho we know that there is a lot of exploring to be done when summertime comes around. Which is why we are ecstatic to provide our customers with a full suite of all-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive vehicles for sale at our Toyota dealership. Whether you're looking for a pickup truck, SUV or compact SUV, have have a vehicle for virtually every lifestyle. Come check out our impressive 4x4 vehicle inventory at Stone's Toyota today!

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AWD & 4WD Vehicle's for Sale | Idaho Falls, ID | Rexburg, ID

Toyota Tacoma

19/24 MPG236 HPInfo
The Toyota Tacoma the ideal pickup truck for those who seek the conveniences and 4x4 capabilities of a pickup truck, but also would like to see a better fuel economy. With a little less power and size than it’s larger sibling, the Toyota Tundra, the mid-sized Toyota Tacoma provides you with an easy-to-maneuver and versatile pickup truck option. Whether you’re in the market for the Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport, an off-road optimized pickup truck that’s capable of navigating difficult terrain, or a Toyota Tacoma Limited, a mid-sized pickup truck that offers a little more luxury in your daily drive, we have you covered. Call the truck specialists at Stone’s Toyota near Idaho Falls, ID for a Toyota Tacoma test drive today.
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Toyota Highlander

20/25 MPG270 HPInfo
​If you’re in the market for an SUV with top safety ratings,a third row of seating, and a smooth and luxurious demeanor when you’re behind the wheel, than the new Toyota Highlander SUV is the car for you. With an optional third row of seating the Toyota Highlander transforms into a versatile SUV for families, outdoor enthusiasts, and workers alike. With optional AWD drive train and top safety ratings, the Toyota Highlander will be your best friend whether you’re driving the team to soccer practice or taking the family out for a weekend camping trip. With the third row of seating folded down there is also an incredible amount of trunk that’s ideal for camping gear or construction equipment alike.To sit inside a Toyota Highlander today stop by Stones Toyota near Idaho Falls, ID.
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Toyota RAV4

24/31 MPG174 HPInfo
Are you on the market for a compact SUV that gives you the freedom that an all-wheel-drive off-road machine should provide, but also receives incredible fuel economy and advanced features? If so, the new Toyota RAV4 is the SUV for you. This affordable SUV comes in a plethora of trim levels, most with an impressive AWD drive train that gives you the ability to conquer the back country or navigate city streets with ease and efficiency. To learn about our auto financing and RAV4 lease options in Rexburg, ID, give Stone’s Toyota a call today.
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After you've done your research stop by Stone's Toyota in Idaho Falls, ID and speak with any of our automotive professionals about how you can get your in next adventure partner today! We look forward to seeing you for a Toyota test drive soon!
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